O clementine olive oil

O clementine olive oil

Serving ideas...

• Whisk with a splash of O Porto Vinegar & kosher salt. Delicious over summer salads of red leaf lettuces & sliced red onion. Add fresh sliced avocado & roasted pine nuts.

• Combine soy sauce, grated ginger, O Champagne Vinegar & black pepper. Drizzle over grilled salmon or tuna before serving & serve as a dipping sauce.

• Rub with Cajun spices over chicken breasts brushed with clementine oil & grill. Splash over chicken again before serving. Serve with couscous or rice.

• Mix with O Zinfandel Vinegar, sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper. Chop fresh tomatoes, mango, cucumbers, cilantro, red onion. Serve as a salsa over grilled shrimp, chicken or beef tacos. Add jalapeño if you want more heat.


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