O ruby grapefruit olive oil

O ruby grapefruit olive oil

Serving ideas...

• Delicious over soft cheeses such as Brie, or Frommage d'Affionois.

• Drizzle over fresh grilled swordfish with a splash of O Zinfandel Vinegar or O Balsamic Vinegar. Add cracked pepper & sea salt.

• Whisk with soy sauce. Brush over skewered scallops or shrimp. Add red pepper flakes or grated ginger.

• Splash over baby spinach or endive, sliced avocado & red onion.

• Combine with diced fresh ginger, red chili flakes & black onion seeds. Serve over grilled pork chop, duck or salmon. Season with salt & white pepper.

Yellow Split Pea Soup


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