Olive Oil

O fresh basil olive oil

New! Sweet fresh basil crushed together with California Mission olives. No extracts. No flavorings. No infusions. Just fresh olives and fresh basil. Crushed together. A difference you can taste. Abundantly fragrant. Dreamy flavor…  Like having a bit of summer all year long!
Cold pressed. Extra Virgin. Family farmed olives, biodynamically grown in the sun-drenched foothills of the Sierra. Non-sprayed. No pesticides. Hand made in small batches. Artisanal quality. Delicious!  $18
250ml/8.5 oz.

> pairs well with O california white balsamic vinegar
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“Absolutely the best! I thought I knew basil oil.  It must be because of the fresh basil with the olives. Wow! This one is totally delicious and fresh-tasting. I’m hooked!”—Sean Anderson, San Francisco, CA

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