A basket of flavor, perfect for any celebration.

This new collection of tastes will not only show your appreciation but is sure to make your gift stand out from the rest.

Our abundant basket of goodies is filled to the brim with each of our entire award-winning products and will arrive in a woven basket, sturdy enough to hold all the goodies we’ve put together.

Each basket includes a serving board, tapenade spreader, tongs, small serving bowl, salad serving set, and salt spoon, each hand crafted from olivewood. We’ve chosen a complete set of two of our favorite tools for the discerning cook — an olive oil mister with a durable salad dressing shaker, as well as a stylish tea towel and O apron, to help make culinary creations come to life with style!

Show your love with a gift of real food — nothing artificial. Ever.

Say thank you with style.