Make your gift stand out from the rest with an over-the-top basket from O.

Our biggest basket of goodies is lovingly stuffed with our entire award-winning product line of olive oils and vinegars and will arrive in a large woven basket.

Each basket will also contain a stunning set that includes a serving board, tapenade spreader, tongs, large spoon, small serving bowl, salt bowl, and salt spoon, each hand crafted from olivewood. A cocktail shaker, 2 cocktail glasses, and Tovolo ice molds will stylishly inspire the perfect mocktail/cocktail using our vinegars.

A lovely handmade wooden salad bowl, olivewood salad serving set, salad dressing shaker, an olive oil mister, as well as a stylish tea towel and O apron, will also help make culinary creations come to life! And, to make cooking with O even easier, we’ve included two cookbooks from our favorite local restaurant, Insalata!

Show your love with a gift of real food — nothing artificial. Ever.

Give tastefully.