Tasty tricks and treats for a healthier Halloween

Festive, fun and flavorful recipes for all to enjoy

Heading to a Halloween party or hosting your own spooky soirée and in need of ideas for healthy shareable snacks and dishes that will delight all ages? Don’t let it haunt you! We’ve got a few clever options for you to consider.

While there’s nothing frightful about these flavorful olive oils, there’s something in the name of O Blood Orange Olive Oil that screams Halloween. And, if you’re superstitious, O Jalapeño Garlic Olive Oil might just keep vampires from crashing your bash. So, with these fall favorites in mind, here’s a few tricks and treats that are sure to satisfy your costumed companions. Oh, and don’t be spooked — we promise the O Jalapeño Garlic Olive Oil isn’t too spicy for younger ghosts and goblins.

  1. Get creative with your vegetable spread! Use bell peppers to make mini jack-O-lanterns to hold your favorite veggies. Serve alongside our Classic Hummus with O Jalapeño Garlic Olive Oil. A wholesome, healthy snack with Halloween spirit!
  2. Carving a creative jack-O-lantern? Save the seeds and make Roasted Pumpkin Seeds with O Jalapeño Garlic Olive Oil. A perfect party snack and nutritious nibble!
  3. Our Humboldt Fog with O Blood Orange Drizzle recipe sounds like a fright fest, but it’s really just dreamy, delicious cheese marinated in one of our most popular flavor combinations. It’s to die for!
  4. Toss up a Zesty Roasted Corn Salad with O Jalapeño Garlic Olive Oil to provide fresh greens full of fall flavor.
  5. Fire up the cauldron and brew this flavorful Vegetarian Chili with O Jalapeño Garlic Olive Oil. A hearty dish sure to be a hit!
  6. We can’t resist these Brownies with O Blood Orange Olive Oil. After all, it’s not Halloween without some sweet treats. Feeling fancy? Melt some white chocolate or pick up your favorite white frosting, then pipe the frosting into the shape of spiderwebs on top of the brownies.

Have a happy and healthy Hall-O-ween!