Where can I purchase O Olive Oil & Vinegar products in store?

How do I request a refund or make a return?

Does O Olive Oil & Vinegar have a storefront or offer facility tours?

I have a discount/promo code for O’s website. Where do I enter it?

The item I want is out of stock. What do I do?


What will my shipping costs be?

Can I ship to a different address other than my billing address?

I live outside of the continental US. Why can’t I check out?

Where is my order? Am I able to track my order shipment?

My Account

Do I need to create an online account with O in order to place an order?

How do I check my order status?

I want to change my online account name/email/password. How do I do that?


Does O offer wholesale pricing to independent retail businesses?

O Products

How do I use O Olive Oil & Vinegar products?

What makes O Olive Oil & Vinegar products unique?

Where are O Olive Oil & Vinegar’s ingredients sourced?

Are O Olive Oil & Vinegar products organic?

How should I store my oils and vinegars? Do they expire?

What does the harvest date mean on my bottle of extra virgin olive oil?

What varietals of olives are used in O’s olive oils?

What are polyphenols?

What is oleic acid and what does extra virgin mean?

Are O’s artisan crushed oils extra virgin?

How long are O’s vinegars aged?

There is a gelatinous substance in my vinegar. What is this and is it safe?

My vinegar has changed color over time. Is this normal?

What is the acidity of O vinegars?

Are O’s vinegars compliant with California Proposition 65 (The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986)?

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Olive Oil & Vinegar 2024

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Olive Oil & Vinegar 2024

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